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Woodhall produces a full range of table wines from Maryland grown grapes, including dry, sweet, and dessert styles. The wines are segmented into three groups, each delivering good value: inexpensive everyday wines; mid-priced premium wines; and rich, complex super varietals. Woodhall wines carry recommendations for use with food, generally through the use of a back label.

Three Woodhall wines, Seyval, Riesling, and Copernica Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon have been selected as Best-of-Show wines at the Maryland Governor's Cup Wine Judging. Woodhall Riesling was selected by the Goddard Space Center as one of three "40th Anniversary" wines. Maryland Public Television selected Woodhall's Cabernet Sauvignon as its "30th Anniversary" wine. Woodhall Seyval was the "Aquarium White" of the National Aquarium in Baltimore and most recently, the 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon was selected by the National Federation for the Blind as the dedication wine for it's new training center in Baltimore.

Woodhall wines are fermented in small lots, keeping the fruit from each vineyard separate, so that Woodhall's blending program can take maximum advantage of "terroir" (the effects of climate and soils on fruit, hence wine, quality). The wines are aged in barrel and bottle until ready for consumption - they are never released prematurely. All Woodhall wines but two are blends of grapes from different sources or of different varieties depending on which gives the best aroma, flavor, and taste characteristics. The two exceptions, so far, are a single vineyard Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Copernica Vineyard in Northern Maryland and a single vineyard and Reserve Vidal Blanc from Golden Run Vineyards in Sudlersville.

Each Woodhall wine must be impeccably good to reach market. In both the red and white wine programs, a certain hierarchy of decision making takes place. Barrels are tasted first for individual quality, then a decision is made as to the presence of a Reserve quality wine. Then the quantity and blending balance of the varietals is decided. Any wine still remaining finds its way into the non-varietal red blends. Tours and tasting include barrel samples of various wines upon request. Each year during February's Barrel Tasting, Woodhall selects wines for a special "Futures" offering, affording the public an opportunity to taste and purchase wine not yet bottled at less than market prices.

Dry Whites
Gunpowder Falls White 2012:100% Vidal, aromas of dried herbs and flowers with a tart citurs flavor.. a good wine for shell fish.

Seyval 2012: 95% Seyval, 5% Vidal. Aged 7 months in stainless steel. Aromas of pear with a touch of fennel. The flavors show white fruit with some minerality. An herb roasted chicken would be a nice match.

Chardonnay: 2011 Fruity, subtle oak; European in character; Nicely complex with great depth. Nice finish. Also great with steamed crabs.

Dry Reds
Gunpowder Falls Red 2011: Blend of Chambourcin, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Light bodied, easy drinking wine. Soft and tart cherry flavors, good for spicy barbeque.

Chambourcin 2012: A light bodied red reminisent of Beaujolias. The nose is a tart cherrry with cherry/cranberry flavor. A good red to mathc with grilled food.

Merlot: 2011 Aromas of black cherry and plum. a velvety mouth feel gives way to flavors of black fruit, cherrries and black pepper. The tannins sneak up on you. A wine to match with a carnivorous appetite.

Cabernet Sauvignon: 2012 Red fruit aromas of cranberries and currants with a bit of allspice.... the flavors of cranberries and currents persist with a heavey sense of spice "clove, nutmeg"... tannins are very forward so cellaring will help soften them up. Aged 21 months in neautral oak barrels.

Golden Run Barbera 2011: This Italian varietal has medium body. A food freindly wine (think pasta with a marinara sauce). An earth aroma of dried herbs and mushrooms. Red current and tart plum flavors... no aging required.

Della Rosso 2012:A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin, Merlot and Barbera, this dry table wine pairs well with almost any pasta dish as well as salmon.

Gunpowder Falls Rose 2011: Blend of Chambourcin, Barbera, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon in the saignee method. An aroma of raspberry and strawberry with fruity flowers makes this a food friendly wine.

Sweeter Wines
Apple 2012: Semi-dry wine made from a blend of 6 varieties of apple from Milburn Orchard in Cecil County, Maryland.

Sparks Apple Ice Wine 2012: A rich dessert wine with 11% residual sugars made from a blend of 6 varieties of apple from Milburn Orchard in Cecil County, Maryland.

Vidal Blanc 2012: 100% Vidal Blanc. Semi-dry white with 3% residual sugar. Aromas suggest flowers, with a touch of honey, such as citrus blossoms. Flavors of candied orange peel, pineapple and grapefruit. Great as an aperitif and with Thai food.

Party Garnet 2012: The original Party in a Bottle. A sweet, light pink wine made for summer. Orangey aromas. Chill it down and drink it up.

Gunpowder Falls Port 2011: Ablend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Chambourcin, and Barbera. Fortified with Brandy. an after dinner drink. The aromas suggest red licorice and sugar plums with sweet flavors of vanilla and toasted spiced nuts. this wine is made for chocolate.